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Digital TechExec

We specialise in solving all your operational and
transformational requirements. Our goal is to
help businesses solve their technological
problems of today with our expert knowledge.

Why Choose Us

Reduce Costs

Identify and eliminate waste through automated timekeeping, activity tracking and real-time updates.

Improve Productivity

Identify and optimise your business where resources are being allocated with real-time analytics.

Protect your workforce

Co-ordinate, manage and protect your workforce when working remote or in dangerous scenarios. 

Who Are We

We deliver value by integrating and maintaining a range of cloud-based technologies that provide solutions for organisations facing the digital world today.


We provide all our customers with a proactive IT support frameworks that rivals industry benchmarks for customer best practices, enabling our clients to feel confident that the technology they’re utilising operates at its full potential at all times.

Our Services

Website Development

We construct highly responsive web applications and sites that leverage
the most robust technologies

Mobile Development

We develop fully functional mobile apps
for iOS, Android and cross-platform to
help you reach your business goals

UX and UI Design

Our design team utilises client centred
design principles that harness the
latest UI-UX best practices


We offer a wide range of services to help customers with business improvement or transformation

IOT & Wearables

We create wearable applications and technologies that enhance your
business processes

Analytics & Cloud Services

We assist in unlocking the potential of
hidden data, optimising data sets and
offering cloud-based solutions

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